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Flyers were used in the good old days of traditional marketing to advertise products to medium class workers and housewives, they we highly effective because designers made it so (visually) appealing that it was almost irresistible to have a glimpse at sales deals and discount coupons.

Nowadays, despite the massive growth of smartphones connected to Facebook and other social media networks offering excellent advertising techniques, it amazes me that small business owners, and even large companies are still flooding tenants’ mailboxes with tons of useless papers that end up in trash can right after people goes to check in if there is a letter from grandma or a delivery notification from the postman regarding their package from Amazon that could not be delivered because no one home was at home at the moment he showed up.

Digital marketing, a term well known by millennials, the growing market of young people riding the bus or metro with their eyes stuck to their smartphone, has been increasing exponentially in the last years because of their effectiveness in driving (convinced) customers to cafeterias, small clothing stores, restaurants, and any other small business achieving an appealing ad to people that no longer reads paper ads.
Using money to market the traditional way is your choice, but you might as well save the trouble of using paper, ink, and people’s time printing and folding and sticking papers into mailboxes by taking the bills out of your wallet directly into your office’s trash can… or you could start using online marketing and learn exactly how every penny is being used to spread the word about your products and services, and of course, enjoy seeing a huge increase of happy customers leaving your store.

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