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Digital Marketing for restaurants – Taco’s Express Case Study

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A Taste of Success: Digital marketing for restaurants.

Revolutionize your restaurant’s success and attract new customers with the power of digital marketing, just as we did with Taco’s Express.

Let’s dive into this remarkable journey and discover how Mark3ting employed a cutting-edge digital strategy that beautifully showcased and evoked a nostalgic taste of Mexican.

Digital marketing of restaurants

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Taco's Express background

Taco’s Express is a new fast-food brand that opened its first restaurant in Terrebonne, Qc. 

They are all about serving Mexican food with a delicious homemade flavor in a fast (express) way. The dishes are beautifully presented, bringing back fond memories of traditional Mexican cuisine enjoyed and shared from generation to generation.

Marketing of Taco Express by Digital marketing agency Montreal

How did Mark3ting turned their efforts into a Success story       Victory           Triumph           Big win      

We started by obtaining as much information about Taco’s Express brand as possible.
We gathered some key concepts such as:

Analysis of Taco Express

After gaining a thorough comprehension of the brand’s identity and target audience, we proceeded to design the following:

A buyer persona

It was carefully defined exploring deep into the target audience's characteristics, preferences, and behaviors. This enabled us to ensure that brand awareness and customer attraction campaigns were tailored to be as effective as possible.

Branding and social media

We devised an effective social media strategy to maximize the brand's presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, engaging with customers, sharing content, and driving organic growth.

A brand awareness strategy

It was developed with a focus on defining the brand’s visual identity and tone of communication, taking into account the primary target market of French speakers in Quebec.

Transactional website

To enhance customer experience and facilitate seamless transactions, we developed a user-friendly transactional website. This allowed customers to browse the menu, place orders, and make payments online.

Through a comprehensive digital marketing for restaurants strategy, Taco’s Express has achieved a cohesive and compelling brand presence across various channels.



To ensure that we captured the essence of the restaurant and its unique brand identity, we followed a comprehensive process:

Start by obtaining all the necessary information about the restaurant, including its history, values, and unique selling points.

The development of a comprehensive brand awareness strategy that includes organizing original and stock content, writing and optimizing content for the web, and developing social media copywriting and graphic design.

The process of defining the brand’s tone and voice, and developing a cohesive digital presence that accurately reflects the brand’s identity and resonates with its audience, fostering engagement and brand loyalty.


Transactional website

To effectively capture the essence of Taco’s Express, we set a goal to create a bilingual website in English and French fully equipped with transactional capabilities (e-commerce) and card payment integration through the Clover platform. Paying close attention to visual aesthetics, we carefully selected original and stock images and thoughtfully crafted text to eloquently convey the brand’s captivating story. This meticulous web design approach ensured a strong Mexican theme throughout the site, representing Taco’s Express’ unique identity.

Marketing Consulting for restaurants

Social Media Strategy

Brand awareness, to reach at least 5,000 people through paid targeted advertising and organic content publishing. Build an audience based on user interactions with posts.

Social media strategy on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Static visuals for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Video for TikTok and Reels.

Visuals were designed using original photo studio images of the dishes that Taco’s Express planned to offer, some stock images and videos were also used for the reels.


Successful campaign results

​​By analyzing the reach of the organic posts in the first few weeks, it was determined that the best audience was on Facebook. Furthermore, the perfect combination of content types was determined to achieve the most interaction with the audience. 

In terms of paid advertising, the user profile’s initial parameters were utilized, alongside the valuable insights gained from audience interactions with the posts. This iterative process ensured a refined and effective paid advertising strategy.

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People were reached

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The Situation NOW

With the guidance of our dedicated restaurant marketing strategy, Taco’s Express expands its business with the opening of a new restaurant in St Eustache, bringing authentic Mexican tacos to more customers in Quebec.

Case study of Taco Express

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